Bed Bug Inspections

Cerebrus Environmental Services believes the most effective way of tackling the bed bug epidemic is a pro-active approach. Aggressive measures need to be taken to determine the presence of bed bugs and eradicate them. If you wait for obvious signs of bed bugs, or until the presence of bed bugs is reported, you are more likely to be facing a serious infestation, which is costlier to control and more likely to cause permanent damage to your business' reputation.


Cerebrus Environmental Services uses comprehensive methods for detection and inspection, including:

- Thorough, team driven inspections of all beds, bedding, furniture and structural aspects of areas with suspected or confirmed bed bug presence

- Inspection of surrounding rooms or units adjacent to units where bed bug presence is suspected or confirmed, including those on all sides, above and below an affected area


Bed Bug sniffing dogsHuman inspections are important, but human inspectors depend on their eyes. Canine scent detection adds a whole new dimension to bed bug inspections. Bugs that might escape visual detection by a human, may be detected by a bed bug sniffing dog. The Canine Scent Detection Team at Cerebrus received training at the top K9 training facility in the United States. We afford you the best possibility of detecting an infestation early, when bed bugs are easiest and least expensive to control.The use of canine scent detection. Cerebrus uses dogs have been professional trained to detect and locate bed bugs and are handled by experienced dog handlers who have bed bug specific training.


Early detection is the key to avoiding more expensive eradication costs and irreparable damage to a business's reputation. Contact Cerebrus Environmental Services today to schedule an inspection.